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SEHTA & Psephos Biomedica - Series of MDR Webinars

In light of the ongoing situation with the Covid-19 outbreak which has forced the majority of us to work from home, SEHTA and Psephos Biomedica have launched a series of MDR webinars to enable you to continue to update your skillset and move your medical technologies and companies forward.

We have split our current programme of planned face-face workshops into one-off modules to be delivered via Webex Meetings over the next 8 weeks.  Each session will be run either in the morning or afternoon on a specified date for around 75 mins per module (please note that times may vary in length).

Please visit the SEHTA website for a list of all available webinars with dates and times (all timings are based on UK time zone).  You can choose as many modules as you wish to take part in.

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