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over 20 years of Psephos 
(Founded in 2001)


Psephos' first logo, developed in 2001


The original team, 2001

Psephos Old Logo.jpeg

Psephos' second logo



In 2001 a small group of us that had worked as the main part of the regulatory, quality and clinical team for AVE/Medtronic in Europe joined together in a small town in Sussex to create a new consultancy focused on working with innovative medical technologies. That was the birth of Psephos Biomedica. Since then we have grown, developed and become a recognised contributor to the medical device industry, working with organisations such as SEHTA and TOPRA, providing advice and training to multiple medtech companies, as well as to the NHS and DHSC in the UK.

Psephos (pronounced “see-foss”) is an ancient Greek word associated with the presentation of a polished stone as a token of success. We believe that as a company Psephos brings positive and practical support, providing our clients with strategies and solutions that lead to successful outcomes and partnerships.

From inception, Psephos has been involved with the global medtech industry with clients from the UK, USA, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Singapore, China and other geographies. We have contributed to innovative technologies from the first drug eluting stents to current advancements in treating structural heart diseases (Psephos Cardiovascular); from pioneering in the digital health space to contemporary use of AI and telemedicine (Psephos Digital); from simple diagnostics to complex electromedical solutions.

Our involvement in the Irish medtech ecosystem has been longstanding with Psephos working with multi-national firms such as Medtronic and Boston Scientific, whilst also supporting start-ups such as Apica, Veryan, MedNova and others through early stages to commercialisation and exit. These ongoing activities have led to the launch of our Authorised Representative services at our new office at the GMIT iHUB in Galway.

Over the last twenty years we have seen significant changes in medical practice, leaps forward in healthcare technology, and increasing regulation around the world. This has meant that we at Psephos have continued to build the team’s knowledge, skillsets and expertise to better serve our clients.

Recently, with the global experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, Psephos has been honoured to play its part in assisting and serving the public health system working closely with DHSC, NHSX and NHS Digital to support the nation’s response to these challenging times.

​Developing a picture of our 20-year history was a nostalgic activity. This page has been developed to celebrate Psephos' longstanding impact to the medical industry on a worldwide scale.


And our story isn’t over…

-Robin Stephens, CEO & Founder

6) team outside since windows-Edit.jpg

The Sussex Innovation Centre, Psephos' UK location.


Psephos' Irish office - the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) - based in Galway.


We have been fortunate to have so many fantastic clients that have a passion for helping patients and physicians. We have worked with large multinational companies, such as Boston Scientific to small companies such as Veryan, an Imperial College London spin-out.​

Many of our relationships have lasted several years, and it is not uncommon for clients and serial entrepreneurs to work with us over many years on multiple projects. When we have taken on leadership roles we develop even closer relationships with companies and the people within, often forming long-term friendships.

We will be showcasing some of our work in a number of case studies which will be released over the coming year. We would like to express our thanks to all of our clients, and we look forward to continue working with them to improve and save lives.

2) on the stairs-Edit.jpg


We live in very exciting times in the industry and at Psephos. The current pandemic has underlined the importance of healthcare and delivering solutions at speed. The industry is going through enormous change brought about by updates in regulations and standards, and also through advances in technology. Digitisation is driving many of these changes and also enabling convergence. New material and developments in manufacturing have also created new solutions and opportunities to treat and help patients.

We are grateful to be working on and with these new technologies, and to be building teams that understand them. This continued work positions us successfully for the future. We look forward to many more years of working with current and prospective clients to bring new life saving and life changing medical technologies to market.

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