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Psephos and SEHTA

South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) is a health technology network organisation, providing business support for the benefit of its members who represent health technology SMEs, health professionals, care providers and academia.

Founded in 2005, SEHTA is as an organisation meeting and understanding the needs of small healthcare businesses, as one of the largest networks of individuals from Academia, Business and Care/Clinicians (with over 1,400 members), with the purpose of improving the health and care of the citizens of the UK as well as increasing wealth.  

SEHTA do this by offering support on a one-to-one basis through its business support services and one-to-many through workshops, training and other events.

Psephos has been the preferred regulatory partner with SEHTA for several years providing workshops, webinars and articles covering a wide range of regulatory, quality and clinical topics and resulting in growing relationships within the UK medtech eco-system.

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Psephos and CVDHub

The Cardiovascular Devices Hub (CVDHub) is a novel cross-speciality team based in the UK that bridges the gap between the clinical, engineering and industrial worlds helping SMEs overcome the hurdles involved in taking new devices from laboratory bench to patient.


Psephos has partnered with CVDHub to provide regulatory support for SMEs including an initial, pro bono, consultation designed to answer immediate questions to assist with strategic product development, market access and compliance to relevant regulations.  For further information about CVDHub click here.

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